Things Everyone Should Bear In Mind About Interracial Relationship

It has been 50 years since Richard and Mildrew Loving tackled America's anti-miscegenation laws, the resultant effect being that couples across different racial and ethnic divide no longer have to hide their relationship and get their release from stolen kisses. free interracial dating websites abound. Be that as it may in the social circle, some things have been left out of the discussion in interracial relationships, and it is through discussions that many people form different wrong opinions about interracial union. America still has a long way to go as far as these discussions are concerned because many dumb stereotypes abound, and many people are still taking it to heart to mind other people's businesses for those people. People still get uncomfortable seeing a black man dating a white woman, or a white man dating a black woman and some of them will not hesitate to make this known to the unsuspecting couples in their bid to ruin the relationship which really is not any of their business. It is through discussions that opinions are formed and if the important things continue to be missing from the discussions, then there will always be many who will have different wrong opinions about interracial relationships. Some things everybody need to bear in mind as regards interracial dating are discussed below.

It never is just black and white or even straight

Anytime the issue of interracial relationship is raised, people tend to think of a black man and a white woman or a black woman and a white man. While that is interracial relationship, it is nor everything interracial relationship covers. An Asian man with a white woman, a black man with an Asian, a Hispanic woman with a black man. These are some of—not even all—the areas covered by interracial relationship. It is not just between the blacks and the whites. The blacks and the whites are not the only races on earth. Another narrow view about interracial relationships is that it is always between a man and a woman. Well, it is not, and the earlier we broaden our view about interracial relationships the better the discussion about this issue.

Sex is not the only objective

People ask interracial couples numerous question and all or most of those questions hover around sex. Questions like "are white women more kinky than white women?" "Black men and white men, who has the bigger penis?" All of these questions promote stereotypes about the different races and does not do justice to the discussion on the issue of interracial dating. Even the "positive" stereotypes narrow the discussion and end up twisting the narration.
While sex can of course be an important part of relationships, it is definitely not supposed to be the fulcrum of relationships.


Always recognize the line between admiration and fetishizing

Making a romantic partner an object of your fetish interest is very wrong. So always is sexualizing your partner. Fetishizing and sexualizing your partner will make you lose respect for such partner and see him or her as an object of interest, something like an experiment. Being in a relationship with a black woman just because they do 'freakish' things in bed or seeking a relationship with a black man because they supposedly have bigger penis is not nice at all. It is out rightly wrong and will not form the foundation of any sensible relationship. Sexual stereotypes about different races exist, that you may well know, and this is causes by turning the differences between the races into something to sexualize. This is not cool. It is okay to admire these differences, but there is a fine line between admiration and fetishizing.

Realise that you have not solved the racist problem simply by being in an interracial relationship

While being in an interracial relationship may demonstrate the fact that you are a very open minded person, the problem of racism still remains. You have not solved it. You can not solve it simply by being in an interracial relationship. Behaving as if racism is no longer a problem will be harmful to your relationship and will pull it down rather than uphold it. In a perfect works, interracial relationship will not even be an issue. The fact that it is an issue that is being discussed still shows that there is a lot of work to be done. Interracial couples are encouraged to accept the fact that racism still exists. But they should also be encouraged by the number of people embracing interracial relationships everyday. It shows that the world has come a long way. However the problem is not yet eliminated.

Coloured people in interracial relationships do not hate themselves or their races

We have to take a big breath here and save the energy we use to jump quickly to silly conclusions. Coloured people who are in relationships with white people do not hate themselves or their people. They did not get into the relationship in a bid to turn their skins white. They are actually comfortable and bold within their own skin, which is why they are able to reach across the big racial divide and bridge it. A lot of black people dating white people are not looking to increase their status or anything. There are a number of reasons why they are attracted to each other. Now for the sake of not being an annoying upholder of stereotypes, can we actually see them as human beings who are attracted to each other because maybe they share the same interests?

Slow Down, there Is Really No Big Deal About Interracial Relationships

Disturbing interracial couples with questions like "how will your parents take it?" "How will your children cope?" is very annoying and not right. Being in an interracial relationship is not really that much of a big deal, stop trying to make them panic. Last I checked they are still two human beings in love and being in an interracial relationship does not make them aliens to gush over.